The Peruvian Chapter of AACE was formed in order to establish bonds between AACE and the Peruvian endocrinologists and its Medical Institutions, particularly the Peruvian Endocrine Society, in order to improve the Endocrine Practice in Peru and the endocrine health care delivery to patients in our country.
The AACE Peruvian Chapter is sponsored by The Peruvian Endocrine Society in both institutional and scientific activities
The proposal of the Peruvian AACE Chapter was planned by Dr. Jaime Villena and 17 practicing Peruvian endocrinologists after the visit to Lima- Peru, of Dr Jeffrey Mechanick and Mack Harrell, Past-Presidents of AACE, on August 2014 for the XIV Peruvian Endocrine Congress of Endocrinology. The request was approved by AACE on January 2015.
The first Board of Directors for period February 2015 - February 2017 was conformed as follows:
President Jaime Villena MD
President Elect Hugo Arbañil MD
Secretary Jorge Calderón MD
Treasurer Edith Luque MD
The first meeting of the chapter was held on March 2015. It was agreed to invite the President of AACE to the Peruvian Congress of Endocrinology, each year. Accordingly Dr George Grunberger visited Lima on August 2015 for the XV Peruvian Congress of Endocrinology, and on August 2016 Dr. Pauline Camacho participated in the XVI Peruvian Endocrine Congress.